(Visitor’s/Private Visa is issued  for a period no longer than 90 days and can be single-entry or double-entry)

  • 1 Application form completed and signed by applicant with 1 photo (35mm X 45mm, color) glued to the form. NOTE! Incomplete visa application may result in rejection of documents. 
  • Valid Passport (only in original and valid for at least six months after the last day of the intended stay in Russia). NOTE! Non-south african nationals must submit valid Residence Permit (Work Permit) in RSA or copy of RSA ID (RSA passport). 
  • Inviting person, Russian citizen must appeal to the local representation of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in order to organize an official invitation. A foreigner currently residing in Russia appeals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for the invitation. NOTE! Only original invitation is accepted when lodging a visa application. (Sample of an invitation issued by the Federal Migration Service of Russia)
  • Medical (Travel) insurance for the period of stay in Russia.
  • Copy of return air ticket.

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