Tourist Visa is issued for a  period no longer than 30 days and can be single-entry or double-entry

  • 1 Application form completed and signed by applicant with 1 photo (35mm X 45mm, color) glued to the form. NOTE! Incomplete visa application may result in rejection of documents. 
  • Valid Passport (only in original and valid for at least six months after the last day of the intended stay in Russia). NOTE! Non-south african nationals must submit valid Residence Permit (Work Permit) in RSA or copy of RSA ID (RSA passport). 
  • Tourist Voucher and Confirmation of Acceptance issued by the Russian tourist company accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia showing the reference number as well as the names of applicants, dates of entry & departure. NOTE! A hotel booking is not sufficient. (Sample of a Tourist Voucher)
  • Medical (Travel) insurance for the period of stay in Russia.
  • Copy of return air ticket. 

Please note: 

  • Application should be submitted not less than 3 days prior to entry into Russia. 
  • For the tourist groups - 10 persons and more - the visa processing requires 14 days. 
  • For cruise tourists in case of staying on board of a ship for not more than 3 days and going sightseeing on a guided tours a visa is not required.

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