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Brave New World, Part 2: Warped Reality and Half-Truth

Brave New World, Part 2: Warped Reality and Half-Truth


A little more than two weeks ago the ceremony of inauguration of Joseph Biden as the 46th president of the United States took place in Washington, DC. In our previous piece we have already said that a whole new US seems to be emerging and, to be honest, it doesn’t look to us a “beacon of democracy” at all. While the memories of the inauguration day in US capital are still fresh, let’s have a look at them from a viewpoint that is alternative to Western mainstream’s.

Let’s take a step back and draw a parallel with inauguration of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko. To begin with, an important similarity seems to be in the fact that both in Belarus earlier and then in the USA, a lot of people had doubts with regards to the outcome of presidential election. So, the Western media savoured reports describing Alexander Lukashenko being sworn in as president in Palace of Independence in Minsk, surrounded by a company of riot police, with no guests invited. They spared no effort to represent it as an “incontestable proof” of Mr.Lukashenko’s lack of popularity, his fear of his own people and election fraud which brought him to the inauguration in the first place. The logic of all those articles was simple: the more security measures taken, the less people attending the inauguration ceremony – the more of a “dictator” the leader is. Okay, let’s apply the same logic to president Biden’s inauguration.

Here are some of the headlines: “Up to 21,000 National Guard troops now authorized in DC for Biden inauguration” (Military Times), “A maze of checkpoints stretches across Washington’s commercial and residential districts, webbed in caution tape and patrolled by thousands of troops”, “Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration, a Solemn Eeriness Descends on the Capital” (Foreign Policy), “DC Metro closing 13 subway stations ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration” (New York Post). The way we see it, the atmosphere in Washington, DC, on that day was…post-utopian. No surprise, given the National Guard patrols with armoured vehicles in the streets, walls, checkpoints and a bunch of other restrictions. All those security measures were incomparable to those taken in Minsk, for they were several notches higher. Are you following the logic?

What impressed us the most, however, was Mr.J.Biden talking to…flags (“Flags Replace People on National Mall for Biden's Inauguration” - Euro News). Flags replace people…it’s a much deeper concept than it may seem at the first glance.

Flags are very convenient. Think about it. Flags can represent people without being actual people with all their thoughts, concerns and dreams. Flags can’t speak. You can address them while resting assured that you will hear nothing in reply. For they can’t speak, they can never demand anything from you. Flags can’t have an opinion of their own. Flags can’t storm or siege a building. Flags can’t have Twitter or FB accounts, so you don’t have to block them (“Twitter, Facebook Temporarily Block Trump From Posting” - Forbes). Flags can’t steal laptops (“Capitol Riot Suspect Plotted to Sell Stolen Pelosi Laptop to Russian Intelligence, Authorities Say” - NBC News). Flags can’t carry other flags (“Delaware Man Seen Carrying Confederate Flag in Capitol Riot Arrested” (USA Today)). Indeed, what a fortunate finding for the ceremony! We will certainly see more of this in coming years…

We believe you already see our point – according to the very same criteria applied by Western media, Joseph Biden must be a “dictator” in a square. Yet the majority of them are saying the exact opposite. The whole world has already seen that people doing the same thing in US and any other country can be labeled “domestic terrorists” or “peaceful protesters” respectively. If people storm the governmental buildings in US - that’s “assault on democracy”, if they do it elsewhere in the world – that’s “fighting for democracy”, provided that it’s beneficial for US Democratic Party and transnational corporations which interests they advance. When protesters in Belarus or Russia coordinate their actions through social media it is seen as a proof of how democratic they are. When Donald Trump supporters do the same – switch them off!

Recent developments around global US Internet companies, freedom of speech can be easily taken away from anyone, even from the US President. Apparently, in US democracy you can say whatever you want, as long as nobody hears you, you can think whatever you want, as long as you remain silent and keep your thoughts to yourself. You are free, as long as your freedom is under control. “Freedom is slavery”, exactly as in G.Orwell’s “1984”. Big Brother and Ministry of Truth would’ve been proud. That very Ministry which was busy rewriting history. Speaking of which…

The very same media which tried their best to convince us that Joseph Biden is somewhere close to the status of a “political messiah” who will change the world for the better, a “good pick” for everyone, are now trying to erase his predecessor – Donald Trump – from history, make the entire world forget about him.

Was Donald Trump really that bad as president? For one thing alone, he did not start a single new war (moreover, he declared withdrawal of US military from Iraq and Afghanistan, but didn’t manage to complete it). This is a remarkable achievement, no matter how you look at it. But Western media don’t even try to look, they don’t want to remember it and they don’t want you to remember it. “Ignorance is strength”.

Just for a quick comparison, Barack Obama (Noble Peace Prize Winner, mind you) approved and ensured US participation in NATO’s intervention in Libya. Now the Democrats will undoubtedly try to intervene in foreign countries. We say that, because this is exactly what they’ve been doing for generations. “America is back”, Joseph Biden said, remember? Curious that the new US Administration keeps repeating that as if they were saying something long-awaited for. In reality, “America is back” means that it is back even where it doesn’t belong. Most probably, this means more conflicts, more “promotion of democracy” by any means, including and especially violent ones, more US exceptionalism. How is this good news for the world?

However the “existential evil” for Western mainstream media is still Donald Trump. We will not be surprised if one day they will start referring to him as He Who Must Not Be Named, as in Harry Potter book.

Jokes aside, it’s a dangerous tendency. We might be witnessing the creation of a new reality. A warped reality, where anything can change into anything in a blink of an eye, where the border between truth and lies no longer exists. If there’s one thing we know about warped realities, it’s that they are warping constantly. There can be no rules, no laws, no principles in an ever-changing reality because there can be no truth. Attempt to “erase” Trump is one but not the only example of distortion of history. The same happens to WWII history. Equalizing USSR and Nazi Germany, diminishing the former’s role in cleansing the world from the “brown plague” – all this serves the same purpose of depriving the people of truth. If that can be done to history of WWII, why not to Donald Trump as a historic figure? We are not trying to paint Mr.Trump as some sort of a saint, we are saying that half-truth is not the answer. Half-truth only brings more lies.

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