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Brave New World: Blinding Light of the Beacon of Democracy

Brave New World: Blinding Light of the Beacon of Democracy


The events unfolding in Washington attract attention of the entire world. The media footprint of the US presidential election - a purely domestic affair of the US (as it should be, if we may add), and their consequences seems to have transcended the US borders long ago. Nothing surprising, though. Washington itself and Western mainstream media did everything they could to draw as much attention as possible. They described the US election 2020 as an event of universal significance, as something that will define the image of our world, predetermine our future. You know what’s the most curious about this? They were absolutely right! The events that followed this election are indeed important for the rest of the world. Although, not in a sense that the Western mainstream media would prefer.

We think, it is safe to say that the “Beacon of Democracy” has been shining blindingly bright lately. First, the US Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit submitted by Texas and supported by 17(!) other States asking the court to review the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (Supreme Court Rejects Texas Suit Seeking to Subvert Election, The New York Times). In dozens of other instances, dozens of applications by Donald Trump campaign team and his individual supporters were rejected, ruled as inadmissible on different grounds. So, substantive evidence of election fraud wasn’t even considered by US courts. Apparently, the suspicion of a considerable number of American voters that election was rigged is nothing to be concerned about for US judicial branch, which, according to much-touted “system of checks and balances” should be independent.

In January, we witnessed another example of the “triumph of democracy” when the events, commonly named as the “Storm of the US Capitol”, took place. The people who would not accept the results of the US election 2020, apparently feeling unable to make themselves heard in any other way, decided to show their disagreement with the current situation in their country by literally sieging the Capitol. They seem to be feeling betrayed, believing that their votes, and with them, their future, have been stolen. Given the bitter experience of Texas and its lawsuit, they might thought that they had no other option.

And how did the US president-elect Joseph Biden react to all that? In his speech, he labelled all those people as a “mob of thugs” and “domestic terrorists” (Those Who Stormed US Capitol Are Domestic Terrorists, Should Be Prosecuted: Biden, Headlines Today). Well…where do we even start? There were days when the US authorities called the people who had done exactly the same in many other capitals of the world (including Moscow in 1993) as “peaceful protesters”, “moderate opposition” or even “oppressed people longing for freedom and democracy” or something of the kind. And now? “Domestic terrorists”? In the same speech we mentioned a few sentences ago, Joseph Biden went as far as to say this: “Don’t dare call them [people who stormed the Capitol] protesters. They were a riotous mob”. Astounding. It even has Orwellian vibe to it, don’t you think? Biden hasn’t even officially become the US President yet and he is already ordering people around, telling them what to think and how to call some of their compatriots. Shouldn’t Biden be the President of all Americans, as he had promised more than once during his electoral campaign? At the very least, judging by what we see now, it’s doubtful that he is capable of making the United States united again.

The most shocking evidence of how this “reinvigorated democracy” is working came from a rather unexpected area – civil aviation. That’s right, civil aviation. Have a look at these headlines: “American Airlines Pilot Threatens to Divert Plane Full of Maskless Trump Supporters Chanting “USA” and “Trump” and “Dump” Them in Kansas During Wild Flight from DC to Phoenix, Mail Online”, “Passengers Claim to Have Been Kicked Off Delta Flight for Being Trump Supporters, Independent”. Pardon our language, but what on Earth is going on? What next, we wonder? Separate airplanes, air crews or even airlines for Trump supporters and Biden supporters? Separate subway trains? The most unsettling about it is that we can’t even tell anymore whether we are being sarcastic or in fortune-telling mode.

Biden called the storming of Capitol (among other descriptions he came up with) an “assault on the rule of law”. Now it’s quite difficult to understand, exactly what law is ruling in the US. Given the current events, it is no wonder if someone might think that in today’s US, the “law” is everything approved by or beneficial for the Democratic party. Everything it disapproves is, subsequently, labeled as “terrorism”, “totalitarianism” and “assault on democracy” without even a slightest attempt to understand other points of view, let alone accepting them. We mean tolerance – do they still remember this word in the USA? It seems that Democratic party’s perception is now the only thing that differs good and evil in the US.

We took note of a tweet by Mohamad Safa, Lebanese permanent representative to the UN. He said the following: "If the United States saw what the United States is doing in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States”. This is the best description of the current situation in Washington we’ve seen so far.

 US has been considering itself a “beacon of democracy” for quite some time. Maybe today this “beacon” shines so bright that it blinds everyone who sets gaze upon it. We believe everyone should decide for themselves whether to shift the glance and look for another milestone or keep watching.

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