Q.I will be applying for a tourist visa shortly. Do you accept copies/faxes of the tourist voucher and confirmation of acceptance?

ATourist Voucher is the only type of invitation which we can accept in copy.

QDo I need to make an appointment to visit the Embassy to submit the visa application?

A. Yes you do. You need to book an appointment here.

QI’m planning to visit Russia. What is the cost of the Russian visa?

A. The cost of the visa is determined upon submission of the documents to the Consular Office. It can vary depending on the type of visa, its multiplicity, citizenship of the applicant, processing urgency, etc.

QCan I pay for my visa by Credit card, Bank check or Telegraphic transfer?

AUnfortunately we can accept CASH ONLY, which should be paid upon the submission of the application documents.

Q. I am doing a cruise through Europe and will be in Russia for 2 days on Cruise ship. Do I need a visa?

A. You do not need a Visa if you spend less than 72 hours in the Russian Federation, pass the night(s) onboard a ship and only go ashore for the guided tour.

QAccording to your visa requirements on website one of the required documents is a "Tourist Voucher and

confirmation of Acceptance issued by the Russian Tourist company accredited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia". How do I obtain this? Does this refer to the hotel where I will stay - do they provide such a voucher?

A. We'd suggest you to contact the Russian hotel or tour operator and ask them to provide you with the voucher and confirmation.

Q. Our client will apply for a Russian Work Visa next month. He has an invitation from Russia. He will also collect all

the documents like stated on your webpage. Which documents should his spouse present when lodging the


Please confirm if she needs to present the same documents like the main applicant and whether there are additional documents needed, like marriage certificate?

AFor the spouse to accompany the “main applicant” the receiving Russian organization must provide her with a special

(separate) invitation. And, the spouse must provide exactly the same set of documents as her husband.

QI am planning to visit Russia to attend a Championship (Congress/Business Meeting/Exhibition/etc.). How can I obtain the "Original invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation?

AIt must be the Organizing Committee of the Event that initiates the issuance of invitation for you through the

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Migration Service. Simply contact the Russian Organizers of the

Event and ask them to prepare an invitation for you through the MFA or FMS. They should know how to do it.

Q. I live in Port-Elizabeth. Do I have to come to your Office in Pretoria to apply for Russian visa?

AIn your case you should appeal to our Consulate General in Cape Town. Their consular district includes the

Western, Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces.

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